Please take a few minutes to review the Code of Conduct and Policies, before joining the Fairfield-Vacaville chapter of MOMS Club. 


Code of Conduct/Guidelines for CHILDREN:  Our children are all getting to know one another and are going through different developmental phases. If an incident occurs requiring adult intervention, we all need to remember to focus on the behavior and not on the individual. We need to keep our children safe and aware of appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior. Each mother is responsible for the behavior of her own child(ren). We have to remember that there is not a wrong or right way of parenting and we should not judge each other. We all need to work together to monitor our children and support one another when our children go through aggressive behavioral phases. Please contact a board member if your child(ren) has special needs we should be aware of.

● Children should be considerate of and respectful toward other children, their mother and their property.

● Children will be removed from the immediate area by the mother when being disciplined for an amount of time to be determined by the mother.

● The mother will decide if the child should be removed from the activity for the rest of the day.

● If other members feel a mother is not handling discipline appropriately or if repeat unsafe behavior is occurring, the board will intervene.

Code of Conduct/Guidelines for MEMBERS:  The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish guidelines for members at all MOMS Club functions or when interacting with other members. It will allow for the removal of members from the MOMS Club roster with dues forfeited if they violate the guidelines established and set forth herein after verbal and written warnings. The final decision will rest with the Executive Board.

● Members should be considerate of and respectful toward other members, their children and their property.

● Members should not misuse the MOMS Club roster or its contents as set forth in the Roster Disclaimer at the top of the document. 

● Members should abide by the Bylaws as set forth by the International MOMS Club. You can read the bylaws of Moms Club International here: BYLAWS 3-13 PDF

● If you have a problem with a member and don’t feel comfortable approaching the member (or if you didn’t have success approaching the member), please contact a board member.

● Please contact a board member if you are unhappy or uncomfortable with any aspect of the club involving these guidelines.

Illness Policy:

● Members will not attend any of the activities or playgroups if they or their child(ren) has a fever, pink eye, any infections which are being treated with antibiotics and began less than 24 hours prior to event, or any rash unless diagnosed by a doctor as benign. If a child has a cold with clear discharge, a mother will use her discretion as to whether the child should participate in activities. If the discharge is yellow or green the child should be kept home.

● The President needs to be notified of any serious contagious illness that a child develops.

Hosting Guidelines:

● Play areas that children and their mothers will have access to must be free of hazardous items. These items may include: dirt, broken toys, pet hair, old discarded food and any other item (s) that may be ingested. Note – Play groups for tiny tots and toddlers especially need to have floors that have been cleaned up properly since at this age most children are on the floor.

● Members are not required to host.

● You are welcome to host at another location instead of your home.



1. An Executive Board runs our chapter. The board consists of the President, Administrative Vice-President, Membership Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as listed on the Newsletter. In addition, we can have committees that may include and is not limited to Activities, Advertising, Baby-Sitting Co-op, Community Service/Fundraising, Historian, Newsletter and Social. All Board members are elected for one year terms in June each year. If you have joined after June but would like to get involved in the club, you are encouraged to volunteer to help with special activities. Volunteers are requested through email messages, at the business meetings and in the newsletter. Another pair of hands is always welcome!

2. Dues are $20 a year. Once your dues are paid you are eligible to participate in all group activities. Membership dues cover things like: meeting supplies and snacks, our family party and event expenses, subscriptions to and our membership website, PayPal fees, MOMS Club International registration fees, business cards, MOMS Club member pins and paraphernalia, etc…  Please note that if the $20 annual fee is a financial hardship for you, you may contact the treasurer for a reduction in the fee or a payment plan. The treasurer will notify the board and it will be handled with the strictest of confidentiality.

3. Dues must be renewed each year during your anniversary month. The MVP will notify you when your membership is up for renewal. For renewal to be complete, both a new membership form needs to be updated and annual dues must be submitted by the last day of the anniversary month. If a member does not complete one or both of the requirements it will be assumed that they no longer wish to remain a member and member privileges will be removed. Members no longer in good standing will be removed from the group roster, removed from Evites and Facebook, and have a stoppage in newsletters. Members may rejoin once they complete the form and pay dues.

4. The MOMS Club is an international non-profit organization with over 2,000 chapters nationwide. The non-profit status means that the club funds may not be used to benefit individual members or small groups of members. There are specific guidelines that we must follow for fundraising and spending chapter funds.

5. Chapter activities are open to members only. The only exception is prospective members are invited to attend two events such as a business meeting or a park day. Activities hosted at a member’s home are not open to non-members.

6. If you wish to bring a child other than your own to a MOMS Club activity,  you must have the parent fill in a current membership form online which will be kept temporarily.

7. There is no smoking at any function where children are present.

8. Rain cancels all park or outdoor activities. A change of venue/location may be announced.

9. The majority of the club’s activities are open to all members. Moms can choose which activities to attend each month, depending on their interests and other obligations. Coordinators have ultimate say on the minimum or maximum number of participants in a playgroup or activity and may limit events to children of a specific age.

10. The MOMS Club is all about moms choosing to spend time with their children; therefore, children are always welcome at activities and the majority of activities are held during the day. There is one Mom’s Night Out a month that moms attend without their children. Newborns and nursing babies are welcome.

11. The membership roster is the property of the club and is not to be shared with others. It is not to be distributed outside the MOMS Club nor used for solicitation or commercial purposes.

12. All emails to the whole group need approval from the President. Board members and coordinators may send whole group emails as necessary to complete the duties of their positions.

13. Evites are only to be sent by coordinators or another member acting on their behalf and only to announce and organize upcoming MOMS Club activities.  If any member would like to announce an event, the Facebook page may be used.

14. Members are encouraged to participate in our playgroups and when an age-alike group is suggested (ex: Tiny Tots 0-2 years, Preschool 3-5 years), the hope is that it will be followed.

15. Every year, each chapter is required by International MOMS Club to participate in at least one service project to benefit the community. Our chapter usually participates in several service projects each year. All members are expected to support these important events to the best of their ability.

*If you should have any questions regarding these chapter policies, please contact a board member.